Social Media Marketing Trend 2016

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Social Media Marketing Trend 2016

Everyone who engages in online business or simply interested in internet marketing should not ignore the social media marketing. Social media is a powerful platform to spread the brand awareness and also build a connection with the potential customer. The Social Media Marketing Trend quickly changes and if you do not keep up or adapt with the latest trend; you will get left behind. To help you keep up with the latest trend, we have compiled the Social Media Marketing strategy which you can use to bring more profit and advantages for your business.

1. Social Commerce

You surely familiar with the two most famous social media platforms: Pinterest and Facebook; these two platforms adopt the concept of the social commerce. The two platforms offer the “buy” button which enables advertisers to sell their services or products via social media. The “buy” button is available in the sponsored post section on Facebook and Pinterest. Therefore, people who interested in any products advertised in those social media platforms can easily buy the products. This easy to buy trend is fresh and soon will also adopted by other social media platform.

2. Video Marketing

Last year, content was the main key to social media and internet marketing strategies. However, this year video content is shifting the marketing trend. People are no longer eager to read textual content and they prefer to watch the video instead. You can use various types of video such as educational, explainer, tutorial video, and so on to utilize the video trend. No matter what you choose for the video, it has to be relevant to your business in order to grab the most attention.

3. Marketing Automation

The new trend in the social media landscapes is the marketing automation. The marketing automation is software that allows the marketer to advertise on numerous social media platforms continuously. This method surely eliminates the need to reposting the same marketing message on the several different platforms. The marketing automation will save your efforts and times and also offer the business some wide exposure on various social media platforms.

4. Digital Marketing

Rather than using the supposedly hacking method on marketing landscapes, organic and new content still counted as the priority if you want to build a strong online presence on the internet. Social content continuously become the first choice of the search engine; therefore, social media status, reviews, profiles, and etc become more visible. You surely have noticed when searching for something on Google; several tweets or Facebook posts also appear in a higher place than websites on the search result.

5. Mobile Friendly

The development of the technology of android, smartphone, and other smart technologies have made most of the people access the internet through the mobile platform. In 2015, the statistic showed that the mobile traffic has overtaken the desktop traffic which means that more people use their mobile phone to access the internet. This year, we can assume that the number will increase and you have to provide mobile-friendly content as well.

6. Social Media Search

Every business now should engage with the social media search. The search engine results provide more textual content while people are looking for more video, pictorial, and also trusted reviews. In simple, they prefer social media search; therefore, you should also grab more eyeballs through driving to the right social media wave.