Facebook Chatbot for Business
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Facebook Chatbot for Business SMS is one of the greatest inventions for mobile phone back then in the late 90s – early 2000s, it has provided us a fast, easy and economical way to communicate. Today, text messaging is still one of the main activities on the smartphone and...Continued
Social Media Marketing Trend 2016
Social Media Marketing Trend 2016 Everyone who engages in online business or simply interested in internet marketing should not ignore the social media marketing. Social media is a powerful platform to spread the brand awareness and also build a connection with the potential customer. The Social Media Marketing Trend...Continued
Strategies for LinkedIn Marketing
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Strategies for LinkedIn Marketing It is been a while since LinkedIn shifted from an average social media into a huge networking. LinkedIn can be considered as an effective social media network for B2B marketing. As the website is no longer a small social media platform; studies reveals that LinkedIn...Continued
Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing – What is it all about? When stripped right down to its core, digital marketing is the process of advertising and promoting a product/service through electronic media. The main benefit of this type of marketing is that it offers a much more detailed analysis than any other...Continued
brands should learn growth hacking like a startup
Brands should learn growth hacking like a startup
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In 2012 Sir David Brailsford found himself in a unique position while coaching the British cycling team Sky. Apparently the Sky cycling team had not placed in a major tournament since 1966. However, rather than let this fact discourage him, Brailsford took on the challenge to overcome the facts...Continued
Implications of E-Commerce for offline retailers
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There have been a lot of speculation and debate about whether if the increasingly growth of e-commerce will cause offline retailers to become obsolete one day? Being an owner of a small retail businesses (both online and offline), I felt that having both online and offline store are crucial for...Continued
7 Tips to Boost Your SEO Campaign
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a more cost-effective inbound marketing strategy as compared to traditional push marketing. Here are 7 tips to help you boost your SEO campaign. 1. Social Signals Are Even More Important The search engine algorithms have placed value of content, but they has also placed...Continued
6 Tips for Succeeding at Digital Marketing
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The barrier of entry for online business is very low especially when the tools are readily available in the web. Since it is easy for someone to start an online business, it also means that it is easy for everyone to start. It is crucial that your business stand out...Continued
Online retail Vs traditional brick and mortar retail
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Brick and mortar stores and online shopping are always viewed as rivals in the race of supremacy. The real winner is one which can provide a contented shopping experience to the customer. No one of them is good or bad but both have its pros and cons. Let us...Continued
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