Facebook Chatbot for Business

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Facebook Chatbot for Business

SMS is one of the greatest inventions for mobile phone back then in the late 90s – early 2000s, it has provided us a fast, easy and economical way to communicate. Today, text messaging is still one of the main activities on the smartphone and chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Telegram remain as the most downloaded apps in the app stores.

In China, WeChat is the dominant app where people use it to connect with their family and friends, chat with local businesses, place orders and receiving micro-blog feeds from brands. Other transactional activities such as paying bill, booking a taxi, buying movie tickets and the mutual transfer of money to friends can all be done using one app. It will be a matter of time before we find it common in the West.

It is now possible for business owners to talk to their customers just like how people talk to their friends with the help of chat bots. Companies such as 1-800-Flowers, Shop Spring, CNN and TechCrunch are already putting smart chat bots with “conversational intelligence” to help them answer enquiries and make (commercial) suggestions to customers.

Landscape of possibilities around conversational commerce has started to unfold rapidly, especially more so after Mark Zuckerberg has made the official announcement on the launch of the Facebook chatbot API for Messenger during F8 Developer conference last month, making it easier for business to create their own bots.

Help & suggestions on purchases

Imagine I would in due course ask a question @Booking when I want to book an international trip. In that conversation, I can indicate when I go there, I would have gladly include breakfast and a non-smoking room. The bot controls it. “Would you like free WiFi?”. “Yes, please.” I replied and my accommodation is well taken care of. I ask @sgair quickly the next moment when is the next available flight. Within a few seconds, I got the options proposed for me – ranked by the best airfares and my preferred airlines.

The next morning I ask @ebill about my electricity consumption and phone bills, he sent me a summary and made the payment for me before they are overdue. And the chatbot My Health Insurance @MHI send a photo of the bill from my dental care costs and then send it to my finance department to do the claim on my behalf.

When I plan an appointment for a dinner downtown with my girlfriend, I ask the @4sq chatbot to give me a suggestion for a location and make a table reservation for me. In order not to get into trouble, I ask the chatbot @Goodone to check about the delivery status of my gift order. He confirmed that the parcel is on its way and asked if I would like to arrange for a cab to pick my girlfriend up and buy her a bouquet of flowers.

Good news for businesses with all these new features that help customers in making a purchasing decision. A whole new landscape with plenty of commercial opportunities. Contact between people and businesses can all take place within the chat window.

We’ll use fewer Apps

A digital personal assistant is going to help us through text messaging, it also means that we will use fewer standalone apps and the Google search engine. Moreover, I’d love to not having to scroll through various applications and open up multiple windows on my phone to search for an answer or solution, but to get a couple of good suggestions from an artificially intelligent smart agent. Conversational Commerce – I think it will take some time for us to get used to it. Developers will start building more bots instead of apps. It is the shift of paradigm in the tech industry every decade. In the mid-90s, the world switch from TV to websites, and then in the mid 2000s, it is mobile apps, and predictably up next, it is the bot era.

@AskVoila – Smart Digital Personal Shopping Assistant

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